Playmore Design Corp builds both stock playground items as well as custom play environments catered to individual customer’s design, site and budget conditions.

Artistic Play


Recycled Plastic Art Easels are the pallets for meaningful individual and/or interactive artistic expression.

All Musical, Artistic and Educational Play products are attractive, safe, extremely durable, washable and mobile (or can be permanently installed). Our artistic and musical instruments are of the highest professional quality.

And, a whole lotta healthy, expressive fun!




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Musical Play

6 Note ‘G’ Major Pentatonic Chime Unit












TriPPPle Play Drum Table













Our Recycled Plastic Musical instruments are attractive, safe, extremely durable, and mobile (or can be permanently installed). They are of the highest professional quality. And, a whole lotta healthy, expressive fun!

Hand and Stick ‘Friendly’ for Playground or Classroom. Multiple color and height options available.

Our staff and management team have a passion for music and understand the therapeutic benefits of  music in education.


Our Drum Tables have been played by professionals and are endorsed by Mrs. Ella Jenkins!


A percentage of proceeds from our Musical Play items benefits DrumsForCures, supporting cancer awareness, survivorship, research and educationthrough rhythm ::






QuaDDDD Play Drum Table











Gong Stand

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Educational & Flexible Play

Recycled Plastic Eco Building Blocks & Boxes

Eco Building Block Boxes
















As an educator you strive to provide the best possible educational experience for your population. Let us help you find indoor and outdoor solutions that fill multiple needs and fit your budget.

At Playmore, we are very proud of our reputation as innovators in producing a wide variety of safe, engaging developmental tools for children’s outdoor and classroom activities.

Contemporary research shows that these tools are essential for optimizing a child’s healthy emotional and physical growth. Every Playmore product is designed and built to meet these needs.

Playmore Design’s globally recognized recycled plastic products will be the most valuable activities on your playground, in your classroom, or wherever there is a need to encourage meaningful individual or interactive learning and play.

Recycled Plastic Balance Beams

Recycled Plastic Root View Planter

Recycled Plastic Bench Planter

Recycled Plastic Elevated Sandbox with Roof

Recycled Plastic Dramatic Stage


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