Materials & Colors

Since we custom build every order to your specific needs, we can offer you a wide array of custom structures, materials and color options. The majority of each play structure consists of the highest quality recycled plastic lumber, High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) and rotomolded plastic.

100% Recycled Plastic Lumber
This is our main building material. We use it to make posts, decks, walls, stairways, and other structural elements. Over the life of your playground, our recycled plastic playstructures cost less than similar products made of inferior materials. Recycled plastic lumber will not chip, splinter, rot, rust, discolor or corrode. It never needs painting, sealing or sanding. Our lumber has UV protectants and is dye bonded throughout the board for color fastness. In short, our lumber is the lowest maintenance option available and will cost you less. It also will last longer than other equipment, eliminating replacement costs.

Rotomolded Plastic
Rotationally molded plastic is used to make formed elements such as slides, tubes, panels, and roofs. Due to the molding process, recycled materials cannot be used for these items. However, they still have the advantages of our plastic lumber listed above. We have a huge color pallet for these items.

We use high-quality hardware designed specifically for outdoor use and that conform to playground safety guidelines. We will include all hardware needed with your shipment to complete the installation process.