Earth Friendly

An average play structure incorporates around 5,000 milk jugs or equivalent recycled materials. All environmentalists agree that this is a much better option than cutting down an average of 10 mature trees for a wooden structure. Your recycled plastic play structure will help keep our landfills emptier and our forests fuller. And the environmental benefits of recycled plastic lumber don’t stop there:

  • Most pressure-treated wood lumber sold in the past decade contains CCA. This is a pesticide that contains the carcinogen arsenic. The CPSC has determined that CCA lumber in playground equipment is a health hazard to children. In addition, this arsenic can seep into ground water and will remain in landfills long after play structure removal.
  • Wood and metal structures can use sealants and paints that are harmful to the environment.
  • Recycled plastic structures last longer on average, thus reducing the amount of discarded playground equipment in landfills.
  • Recycled playgrounds can foster awareness of environmental issues for the youth that use them. In the best application, our play equipment can serve as an example of how recycling can indeed be fun!

At Playmore, we also use recycled products in production and in our corporate office whenever possible.

Find details on materials used here.