How to Care for Your Playmore System

Maintenance of the Play Systems

For Recycled Plastic Lumber Systems

The recycled plastic lumber that Playmore uses never requires painting, sanding or sealing. To clean, use water and a soft bristle brush or a pressure washer. Abrasives will scratch or cloud panels, and some solvents will damage plastics.

For Clear or Mirror Polycarbonate Panels

To clean, use sponge and water or a pressure washer. Abrasives will scratch or cloud panels, and some solvents will damage plastics. Over time, clear plastic such as our polycarbonate panel can cloud or yellow through exposure to the elements in a process called oxidation, much like the plastic headlights on modern automobiles. If addressed in a timely manner, this clouding can be cleared through the application of a headlight repair/restoration kit, easily found in auto parts stores. First, use Windex or a diluted degreaser to clean the surface and to make sure that your discoloration is not the result of dirt build-up. If the problem persists, apply painter’s tape to your surrounding structure for protection, then apply the headlight repair kit product, following its instructions. You will need to apply this process to both sides of clear panels. Make sure that all chemicals are completely washed off before opening the play structure for use by children.

For Powder Coated Metal Components

The powder coating of your metal elements serves both as a paint and as protection from the elements. This is a durable surface optimized for resistance to wear or chipping. If bare metal does become exposed, though, it will make that spot vulnerable to rust. It is not possible to easily repair or replace powder coating on-site. The best choice is to use a paint sealant and paint matched to your powder coating and made for metal in outdoor applications. Spray paint in cans can be a simple solution. You must make sure to locate a paint that meets all CPSIA guidelines for lead, heavy metal, and phthalate levels in children’s toys. In order to abate rust, follow the instructions on your chosen product to remove existing rust, seal the metal, and apply eh paint.

For All Units

Over time fasteners such as bolts and screws can work loose due to use and temperature changes. Therefore, we recommend a thorough inspection of the unit on at least a monthly basis to tighten down all components. Over an extended period of time, some hardware may rust, particularly if the outer coating has been marred. In order to insure that replacement hardware is in compliance with the CPSIA, please replace with stainless steel hardware of the same size and application. It is very important to properly maintain the surfacing beneath and surrounding all playground components to protect children from falls. Many surfaces, such as mulch and sand must be replaced or replenished over time to maintain the proper safe depth. If you are not sure of your specific playground requirements, please contact an NPSI certified playground safety inspector. Following all of these provisions will keep this product safe for the children who use them and dramatically increase the life of the product.