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 From Wasteland to Playland ..

Founded in 1995, Playmore Design Corp was the pioneer in designing and manufacturing high quality, hand-crafted, recycled plastic playground equipment.

We’ve been at it well before “green” became a movement. Each play structure incorporates thousands of milk jugs or equivalent recycled materials.

We are very proud of our reputation as innovators in producing a wide variety of safe, engaging developmental tools for children’s outdoor and classroom activities.

Our mission to enhance and enrich every child’s development through fine motor skills and creative interplay, has guided us in producing the finest Science, Musical, and Artistic focused products for commercial and residential play and learning environments.

Contemporary research shows that these tools are essential for optimizing a child’s healthy emotional and physical growth. Every PLAYMORE product is designed and built to meet these needs.

Playmore Design’s globally recognized recycled plastic products will be the most valuable activities on your playground, in your classroom, or wherever there is a need to encourage meaningful individual or interactive learning and play.

Our Recycled Plastic Musical, Artistic and Science Play products are attractive, safe, extremely durable, and mobile (or can be permanently installed). Our musical instruments are of the highest professional quality.

And, a whole lotta healthy, expressive fun!

Recycled plastic is the best option for many reasons ::

Better for the Environment

  • Using recycled plastic instead of wood saves our forests.
  • It endures longer than wood or metal systems resulting in less landfill.
  • Steel playground equipment requires coal burning for smelting.
  • Plastic used for playgrounds stays out of landfills.
  • Harsh chemicals used in wood or metal systems may leach hazardous materials into the soil.


Better for Children

  • Less exposure to harsh chemicals or rust.
  • Less chance of splinters from wood or cuts from exposed metal.
  • Provides a tangible example of recycling.


Better Product

  • Longest lasting material; it will not rot, corrode, rust, fade, splinter, crack, or split like wood, steel, or hollow plastic structures.
  • Lowest maintenance material; our solid, color-core plastic never needs painting sealing or sanding.
  • Will not stain under normal conditions, making cleanup easy.
  • Dries quickly for faster use after inclement weather.


Best of all, recycled playgrounds foster awareness of environmental issues for the children that use them. In the best application, our play equipment serves as an example of how recycling can be fun!