Child Care Centers

Are HIGH Energy! 

Structured programs with quality equipment, channel high energy into an environment that promotes safe learning and that minimizes ‘burn-out’ and increases retention of skilled caring teachers.

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When you incorporate PlayMore Design products into your curricula children learn skills in:
  • Social interaction -   taking turns, sharing, cooperating, and to relying on others.
  • Communication -   improving attention, taking directions and learning to lead.
  • Motor Skills - improving motor skills with finger and hand manipulation.
  • Emotional Expression – expressing their feelings and releasing energy safely.
  • Cognitive Ability - improving impulse control and learning to make safe choices.


When you incorporate PlayMore Design products into your curricula teachers and staff are:
  • Empowered – by programs and tools which require no special training or experience. 
  • Energized – by seeing that what they do matters and seeing positive results.


  • PlayMore Design musical instruments are:
  • Safe - CPSI & ADA compliant.
  • Easy to Maintain - easy to clean and sanitize between classes.
  • Environmentally Friendly – constructed with 95% post-consumer recycled plastic lumber.
  • Adaptable – to play areas inside and outside.
  • Available with options – choose colors, rolling castors or ready for in-ground installations.