Senior Living Settings

 Senior Living Centers

PlayMore Design products enhance the lives of Seniors through
interactive drum sessions.

PlayMore Design musical instruments:

  • Are made of recycled plastics
  • Are for indoor and outdoor use
  • Are easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Address physical, emotional and social needs
  • Enhance interactive programs and improve results

As therapeutic tools, drums accommodate all levels of interaction and provide a physical and sensory experience. 

Since 1976, research has demonstrated the positive effect of drumming on social behaviors, grief, self-expression, self-esteem, group cohesion, coordination, and learning.

Quality Senior Living Communities know that interactive music programs

  • Improve motor movements
  • Stimulate cognitive function
  • Providing a sense of belonging
  • Encourage self-expression
  • Promote a sense of inclusion; limiting isolation
  • Create beautiful memories

Playmore Design Drum Tables can be played by multiple participants and their portability allows them to be incorporated into social and therapy sessions anywhere they are needed.

PlayMore Design musical instruments are the perfect tools to aide assisted living and memory care residents in improving cognition, motor skills, verbalization and more. They become the centerpiece of joyful gatherings which may include families and friends.

PlayMore Drum Tables are superior educational and therapeutic tool because they accommodate All Ages & All Abilities.

PlayMore Design products help support in Cancer Survivorship, Education and Research..


Thank you to Anthony Darmana, artist, musician, teacher and facilitator of community drum circles throughout Florida, for leading this interactive music event.

Special thanks to the residents and staff at Glenbrooke Senior Living at Palm Bay.