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PlayMore Design Corp is proud to have recycled plastic Drum Tables, Chime Units and fun, handheld rhythm tools in so many Head Start Programs, Schools, Child Care Facilities and Community Centers around the world.

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Music-Play is growing in popularity in day-care facilities, religious schools, social clubs, summer camps, clinics and hospitals.  Music-Play programs provide a supportive, creatively stimulating and emotionally-safe environment that encourages and can improve:

Social interaction. Participants join in a collaborative experience and learn how to: take turns, share, cooperate, contribute, and to rely on others in the group.  PlayMore Chime Units and Drum Tables require no special skills; allowing everyone on the group, children and adults, to equally participate.

Communication Needs. Participants learn to take direction, to lead and to follow, and express their feelings and emotions; sometimes even without words.

Motor Skills. Different techniques enhance and strengthen fine and/or gross motor skills. 

Emotional Needs. The rhythm experience becomes a safe place, where participants can share feelings. The physicality of drumming is a positive and constructive way to release energy; and can calm aggressive behavior.

Cognitive Needs. Music has been shown to stimulate brain function. Engaging in the individual, and interactive, rhythm experiences can improve attention, impulse control, and decision-making skills.


Imagination, Creativity & Fun!