About us


Envision :: Our Mission

PlayMore Design Corp creates and innovates active learning tools and environments that engage our children and benefit our ecosystem.

Design :: Our Plan of Action

Children are often told how important it is to take care of their health and the health of our planet.

We bring this lesson full circle by creating fun and flexible play modules and musical instruments out of recycled products (such as plastic milk jugs, water bottles and other recyclables).

Children see first-hand how the items they recycle can have another purpose, serving a useful and exciting function in their lives.


Build :: Our Structure

The foundation of each structure is our 95% post-consumer recycled plastic lumber. Our material is not just the best choice for the environment, it also happens to be the best material available to build playground accessories and our instruments.

We incorporate our other top quality materials to create a premium hand-crafted product.

Our staff of NRPA Certified Playground Safety Inspectors design and manufactures each piece here in the USA. They follow Consumer Products Safety Commission and ASTM International safety guidelines and IPEMA standards to keep our children safe and our playgrounds sound.

Scott Swimmer - Playmore Design Corp FounderScott Swimmer founded PlayMore Design Corp to design products to promote physical and mental health through musical, educational and artistic play. A portion of the proceeds from the PlayMore Design instruments support DRUMSTRONG.org; which funds cancer education, research and survivorship support. 





Play :: Playing is Learning

Our name is PLAYMORE. Our job is play. We love our job. We know that something unexpected happens when children are at play :: they learn. 

Founded in 1995, PlayMore Design Corp is the pioneer in designing and manufacturing unique, high quality recycled plastic playground equipment and musical instruments.

Our mission to enhance and enrich every child’s development through fine motor skills and creative interplay, has guided us in producing the finest Musical, Educational, and Artistic focused products for commercial and residential play & learning environments.

We are very proud of our reputation as innovators in producing a wide variety of safe, engaging developmental tools for children’s outdoor and classroom activities. Contemporary research shows that these tools are essential for optimizing a child’s healthy emotional and physical growth. Every PlayMore product is designed and built to meet these needs.

Toby Swimmer + TriPPPle Play Drum Table

PlayMore Design’s globally recognized recycled plastic products will be the most valuable activities on your playground, in your classroom, or wherever there is an interest to encourage meaningful individual or interactive learning and play.

Our Recycled Plastic Artistic, Musical and Educational Play products are attractive, extremely durable, sanatizble, mobile (or can be permanently installed) and CPSI and ADA compliant. They are of the highest professional standards, valued for their therapeutic qualities, and a whole lotta healthy, expressive fun!

Mason Swimmer - Board Certified Music Therapist

Mason Swimmer is intimately familiar with PlayMore products. With over 15 years of experience building PlayMore products, Mason now uses PlayMore's featured instruments in his music therapy practice. "The instruments we design are truly unique and suitable for all environments. From my private practice working with children and adults who have developmental disabilities, to the acute medical setting, to working with older adults who have dementia, there are a set of drums or chimes that are appropriate for all settings. Our instruments sound great, are durable, accessible, mobile, and sanitizable!" Go to charlottemusictherapy.com to learn more about Mason's music therapy services.



Greg Kundrat :: EnSoul Music Designs       &     Scott Swimmer :: PlayMore Design Corp